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Dave Sorbara

Entrepreneur, investor and creator working at the intersection of music, tech & wellbeing

Discovering a path to unlocking creativity and wellbeing through sound, science and technology. 

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I'm hosting in depth conversations with global leaders working at the intersection of music, health and technology who are leveraging the latest science to usher in a new paradigm of human wellbeing and potential.

Join me in Episode 11 for a deep dive into the power of music therapy and how it’s deployed. We explore how technology is enabling the scalability of personalized music therapy and with it, the opportunity to make a big dent in humanity’s biggest health challenges.

Join me in Episode 14 where we will widen our lens to explore what it means to experience music and sound beyond the ears. We will tune into the vast potential of how we can interpret sound and the effect this experience can have on our health and well-being.

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Hacking creativity, finding flow and fostering wellbeing through music, sound, neuroscience and tech. 

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About Me


After more than 2 decades in the music and sound industry as a successful creator and entrepreneur, I've come to understand that our wellbeing is a prerequisite for unleashing creativity and the best version of ourselves. 

Obsessed with creativity hacking, unleashing human potential and flow science, I continue to seek elevated states of being. I'm on a mission to show others how to get more access to their full potential using music, sound, neuroscience and technology.


2X founder in the music and sound industry

Investor at the leading edge of music, sound and transformational health technologies


Working in real estate to build community and human connection

Award winning composer and sound designer

Thought leader and connector in the music and sound for human wellbeing space

Speaker, mentor and coach

About Me

What I do

I educate on the true value and infinite potential of music and sound.

I seek to discover and share new technologies and tactics that help effortlessly unlock wellbeing.

I work with creators and companies to elevate their music and sound content strategy by leveraging leading edge production, technology, and science.

I teach other creators how to access more flow and help realize their full creative potential. 

I create and produce music for health and wellness. 

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I'm on a mission to  help others realize their greatest selves.


Let's work together

If you are an entrepreneur, founder or creator looking to collaborate or find out more about me and my mission then please get in touch!

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