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Investing and supporting founders on a mission to elevate human potential through music, sound, exponential technologies, and immersive content. 


Our Mission

Leverage the power of sound

Enable creative freedom

Elevate human potential

Foster wellbeing

Build community


AI powered personalizes functional Soundscapes.


Immersive audio solutions that deliver spatial audio at scale.

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Audiophile headphones with built-in EEG to measure, track and train focus for more productivity. Eno's mission is to help you find your flow and get more done. 


Turning music into medicine. LUCID delivers personalized and validated music experiences to improve health and wellness outcomes through an easy-to-implement measurement and streaming service.

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One of the first large scale co-working studio and office community models to specifically support creative professionals and companies in the music and sound industry through dedicated spaces and services.


Innovative audiovisual technology that allows you to accelerate your physical recovery and improve your mental wellbeing. Improving the life of chronic pain suffers through validated clinical research. 


A wearable that uses infrasonic sound and specially composed hemispheric audio for deep relaxation, stress reduction and deeper sleep. 


Remote audio collaboration tools to unlock creative freedom at scale for music professionals. 

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A real-time collaborative music community build around a revolutionary cloud based music production platform that delivers social creativity at scale.


A digital therapeutics company and creators of Soundself - A validated immersive experience that engages the voice in a biofeedback loop to improve anxiety, depression, mindfulness and wellbeing. 


Dark Slope is a Virtual Production studio focused on innovative solutions to complicated problems and exciting new forms of entertainment.. From video games to Virtual Reality; from linear television production to augmented reality experiences. 


Shaping the future of immersive learning. 


Delivering transformational journeys using breath, hot cold and world class music experiences. 


Immersive gaming hardware and software innovators. 

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