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My Journey  

So far :

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After 20 years in the music and sound industry as successful founder, creator and strategic investor, I’ve turned my focus on supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators that are poised to make an impact.

I spent over 20 years in the music industry learning the craft of music and sound and in the process have developed an arsenal of tools and practices that helped me elevate my abilities in an industry that left no room for error if you wanted to be successful.


As a result I discovered how much of my potential was left on the table every day because of limiting beliefs and bad habits. I worked on pure passion alone that led to great achievements but a somewhat unfulfilled life. As a result of my own personal journey to unlock my own abilities I was eager to share those insights with others especially those in my organization. I could see how powerful an organization could be if everyone could access the potential within them. 

Pushing the boundaries of human creativity is how to solve big problems. Creativity is the #1 21st century skill. 

Focus on supporting businesses in the music and tech space that are proving the immense value of music, sound and immersive content beyond entertainment but as a tool for human connection and flourishment.

I've crafted award winning soundtracks for global brands like Amazon, BMW, Ikea. 

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