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I play across immersive mediums where sound, technology, creativity and human potential converge.

My Work


Grayson Music Group 



Music is about communicating and connecting. It expresses what we care about deeply. What we think about. How we feel. It has the ability to shift us into elevated states of being effortlessly. Music creation is about skillfully expressing humanity through sound. 

For over 2 decades as one of the largest in North America, Grayson Music Group has been a global leader in music production for brand content, film and television.


An award-winning family of music supervisors, composers, producers, and songwriters.

Every day, we push boundaries to create music and soundscapes that bring ideas to life, so audiences experience them as profoundly as their creators intended. No matter what the medium.


A collective of artists, composers and experienced music supervisors who create exclusive, hand-crafted and pre-cleared music for brands, visual content and elevated experiences.


Signal Creative Community


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Signal is one of the first large scale co-working studio and office community models to specifically support professionals and companies in the music and sound industry through dedicated spaces and services. It's a gathering of creative minds, producers, artists and inspirational pros who seek a new way to work, learn, share experience and support each other.

Signal’s mission is creative freedom by uniting and empowering music and sound professionals through a digitally connected community with access to collaborative studios and spaces.

Amplified Ventures

Amplified Ventures


Investing and supporting founders on a mission to elevate human potential through music, sound, technology, and immersive content. 

Amplified Ventures focuses paradigm shifting ideas and businesses models that leverage music, sound and visual energy across all immersive mediums where content, tech and human potential converge.

Leverage the power of sound

Enable creative freedom

Elevate human potential

Foster wellbeing

Build community


Immersive audio solutions for the worlds biggest brands.  


Turning music into medicine. LUCID delivers personalized and validated music experiences to improve health and wellness outcomes through an easy-to-implement measurement and streaming service.

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Audiophile headphones with built-in EEG to measure and track focus for more productivity. Enos mission is to help you find your flow and get more done. 


Innovative audiovisual technology that allows you to accelerate your physical recovery and improve your mental wellbeing. Improving the life of chronic pain suffers through validated clinical research. 


Remote audio collaboration tools to unlock creative freedom at scale for music professionals. 


Immersive gaming hardware and software innovators. 


Shaping the future of immersive learning. 

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A platform where health and wellness practitioners can integrate, customize and deploy their choreographed content into holistic games. Cymatic integrates and connects body movement, music, visuals and bio-feedback into immersive games and experiences.

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